Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Village Vanguard

Sofia and I got out to celebrate our anniversary Friday night and ended up where we usually do for a birthday, or when someone is in town, at the Vanguard. Thankfully, this was after a so-so Italian dinner in the meat-packing district, where pretty much all the other diners were born AFTER the Michael Jackson songs being played were released. (And, yes, too loudly.)

Anyways, the Ed Simon trio was playing in front of the red velvet curtain. Among us and the Japanese tourists (ok, and a few others), there were just piano, drums and this guy, John Patitucci:

Wow. For some reason a great bass player can really steal a show. They played several of Patitucci's compositions -- he's at least as much a composer as bass player.

Simon's playing is something like Bill Evans -- lots of colors and pretty. But after about ten minutes of Evans playing I always end up thinking "this guy can't swing to save his life!". Anyways, Patitucci can, and it was a solid show.

Made me come home and think about the other bass players we've heard over the years, and found that Ron Carter will be playing in April at the Blue Note. Can't wait.