Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007 Top Ten Photos

Ten is an arbitrary number of course, but it seems like a nice way to look back over the year without flooding the blog. (I started by picking "favorites" and had over 40!) There were no particular criteria -- some landscape, some personal and some just those lucky captured moments. They are in chronological order.

This is Ellie's first Valentine's Day card:

The Chain Bridge and Hapsburg Castle in Budapest, in May. My first trip. (This was actually shot with one of those point and shoot cameras that fit into a pocket.)

Independence Square in Kiev, just about ten days after Budapest. Funny how the crappiness of jetlag is canceled out by just being somewhere new -- the photos from the first few days turned out well despite how I remember feeling.
Procession at the Kiev Caves Monastery:

Anton, at the local swimming hole. What a wonderful Norman Rockwell like picnic we had that day in a village with a public well and the cows were walked home in the evening. The whole town was out swimming.

At my mother-in-law's first college. We stumbled upon an end-of-the year concert. This was the Ukrainian music group.

At Sofia's old school in Odessa. This girl was enjoying a moment on the last day of classes.

There were a ton of characters at the Privoz Market in Odessa. I like how the cake lady looks like her work.

Downtown Manhattan, after a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge:

Hungarian Science Academy, October: