Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday In the Park

We've had a beautiful Labor Day Weekend here in the City. We spent all of Saturday afternoon on "the hill" overlooking Central Park Lake listening to That Guitar Man, otherwise known as David Ippolito.

It's hard to know what part was best:
  • The music
  • The mixture of tourists and locals, saris and jeans
  • The guy who looked like Rupert Murdoch, telling strangers he used to work on Wall Street, but was there alone and fell asleep curled up like a baby
  • The fact that he emptied his guitar case of donations and bought everyone hot dogs
  • You never know who's in the audience, like Sid Bernstein
  • Or who might sing, like Christine Lavin
  • Or singing along to someone's wedding dance -- this couple was from Bristol, England

  • Or just watching your child, who you first brought here at age four days, dance in the sun-dappled shade to Jack and Diane, seeing that even growing up in the Big Apple she'll know something sweet about the Heartland [at 2:30].

    I took some video on our little Canon point & shoot. The quality isn't so good, partly from the technology of converting it to mpeg, and partly because it's always better to just be there.

    Nonetheless, I hope some of the magic makes it through: